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teacher name title building email
Tyrone Allison HS Math HS
Jaime Ballinger HS Math/SpEd HS
Jon Bergerson HS Math HS
James Chase Math 7/Math 7ACC MS
Kevin Cleland HS Math HS
Dean Dingee HS Math HS
Michelle Dossier HS Math HS
Todd Esposito HS Math/SpEd HS
Mary Ferrari AIS Math
Brent Gillett Math 8/Algebra 1 MS
Kristin Joseph HS Math HS
Rob Kraus HS Math HS
Timothy Manzer AIS Math
Erin McKenna HS Math HS
Melisa Myer Math 6 MS
David Natale HS Math HS
Thomas Phillips AIS Math
Jason Picardo HS Math HS
Katelyn Radley Math 8/Algebra 1 MS
Karen Rappleye Math 6 MS
Jason Ressman HS Math HS
Angela Scia Math 6 HS
Rachel Serpe Math 7/Math 7ACC MS
Stephanie Stehler Math 7/Math 8 MS
John Unson HS Math (Dept. Leader, Curriculum Leader) HS
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