ELA PreK-12


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    The information below should help guide you to a better understanding of our Pre K-12 ELA program.  Please be sure to visit school and grade level links for more specific information and check out the standards links at the bottom of this page.  


    "There is no substitute for a book in the life of a child." M.E. Chase



Grades PreK - 5

  • Partners rereading together  Independent reading. Engaging in the text.  UPK student putting the alphabet together during choice time!

    The Gates Chili School District believes in a developmental approach to teaching literacy. This approach requires teachers to use differentiated instruction to meet the diverse needs of our students. This is done through Reading and Writing Workshop. As a district, we have established common structures, language, and resources to ensure consistent literacy instruction.


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Grades 6 - 8

  • A description of the 6-8 program

Grades 9 - 12

  • Our High School English Department curriculum is designed to build upon the fundamental skills of reading, writing and communication. Additionally, our teachers foster the development of skills necessary to ensure our students are college and career ready. As we transition from the Common Core Standards to the state's Next Generation Learning Standards, specific emphasis will continue to be placed on reading both literary and nonfiction based texts. Students will also continue to focus on the writing process, taking advantage of the opportunity for more creative-based writing, as outlined in the new standards, while maintaining a focus on the analytical and critical thinking writing. The department looks forward to rigorously exploring and integrating the Next Generation Standards into unit and lesson planning while continuing to integrate meaningful and purposeful technology.

    Please see our 9-12 English Page for more specific information and useful links.  https://www.gateschili.org/Domain/670