2022 Budget Vote and Board Election

  • The 2022-23 School Budget Vote and Board Election is on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Gates Chili Field House located at 1 Spartan Way, Rochester, NY 14624.

    Results will be posted below at the conclusion of the election. 


  • Gates Chili Central School District voters approved the proposed budget for the 2022-23 school budget and three additional propositions, in addition to filling three Board of Education seats. 

    Proposition 1 (2022-23 School Budget) pass
    YES   869
    NO     403

    Proposition 2 (Bus Purchases) pass
    YES   837
    NO     436

    Proposition 3 (Establish Capital Reserve Fund for Security pass Infrastructure) 
    YES   911
    NO     360

    Proposition 4 (Use of Capital Reserve Funds for Technology Purchases) pass
    YES   963
    NO     314

    Board of Education (3 seats*) 
    Francis (Frank) Muscato (incumbent)             818
    Dr. Christine Brown Richards (incumbent)     799
    Michael A. Bailey (incumbent)                        776
    Lynn M. Knauf                                                496
    Cherie Stuhler                                                490
    Robert E. Lee                                                 311
          *Three highest receive three-year terms beginning July 1, 2022. 

    Thank you to all the Gates Chili community members who participated in the school budget vote and board election. For more information about the election and school budget, go to gateschili.org/vote.  



  • Proposition 1:
    The school budget proposition authorizes the Gates Chili Central School District to spend $122,337,408 for school purposes during the 2022-23 fiscal year and to levy the necessary tax therefore.

    Proposition 2: This proposition authorizes the purchase of 15 school buses at a total cost of no more than $1,869,912.38. New York State reimburses Gates Chili approximately 74% of the cost of bus purchases.

    Proposition 3: This proposition would authorize the creation of a capital reserve fund to finance maintenance and replacement of security infrastructure. This fund shall not exceed $4,000,000 with a 10-year life.

    Proposition 4: This proposition would authorize the transfer of up to $300,000 from the Capital Reserve Fund to the District’s General Operating Fund to finance, in whole or in part, the acquisition and/or lease of equipment, including computer equipment, as well as training and staff development in the use of said equipment. Approval of this proposition would not increase the proposed tax levy.

    Board of Education Candidates: Residents will vote to fill three Board of Education seats for three-year terms. Candidates are Michael A. Bailey (incumbent), Lynn M. Knauf, Robert E. Lee III, Frank Muscato (incumbent), Dr. Christine Brown Richards (incumbent) and Cherie Stuhler.


  • Proposed budget information
  • Budget explained
  • Budget issue of the district newsletter
  • Bus purchases explained
  • Board candidate information
  • NYS School Budget Rules
  • Tax cap information
  • Voter information
  • If you have questions, please call the district clerk at 247-5050 ext. 12101.