• LOTE (Languages Other Than English)

    Program Overview




    Gates Chili Central Schools proudly offers French, Italian, Latin & Spanish to all students. Our goal is to prepare students to be successful in an increasingly interconnected world by becoming proficient in a second language and developing an understanding, appreciation & tolerance of other cultures.


    Research shows that students who study a second language experience higher achievement in other academic areas, as well as on college entry exams such as the SAT & ACT.  You can learn more about the additional benefits of learning a second language here: WHAT DOES RESEARCH SHOW ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF LANGUAGE LEARNING?


    Students begin LOTE studies in 7th grade and are encouraged to continue their studies throughout their high school years.  Many Gates Chili graduates have benefited from our strong language program, which offers the opportunity to earn college credit for Latin through Syracuse University, as well as for French, Italian & Spanish through Monroe Community College. High school LOTE students also have the opportunity to travel abroad to France, Italy & Spain.


    Our hope is that the skills & knowledge acquired in our program will instill a love of languages in our students, as well as open many doors of opportunity for them in the future.