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    Brasser Elementary welcomes the family –school partnership:

    We look forward to working with you and your child in learning.  How will you learn together alongside your child to support their education?

    We look forward to working with families in providing opportunities for meaningful feedback and input in assisting our school.  How will you support your child and school in leading together with us in making Florence Brasser the best school possible?

    We look forward to celebrating great accomplishments together.  How will you work with us in supporting your child’s academic growth?

    Learning together, Leading together, Achieving together”

    March 2019

    Dear Brasser Families,

     Fostering the Family-School Partnership to Ensure Student Success at Florence Brasser Elementary School

    The phrase “student success” likely brings to mind the image of a child in the classroom, putting pen to paper and working through complex math or reading comprehension problems. But it’s what happens behind the scenes—beyond the classroom walls—that can contribute to a student’s ability to reach his or her full potential. Experts agree that the most effective forms of parental engagement are those that directly relate to student learning. Families play a major role in encouraging, preparing, and monitoring the progress of their children in their educational journeys. Parent Academy is aimed at ensuring every parent has the opportunity to stay engaged in their child’s education, helping them be successful in and out of the classroom.  Many Brasser families were able to participate in the two evening Parent Academies supported by staff here at Brasser, the FBFA and the High School Peer Leader groups. Both nights were very powerful in providing needed strategies to support families and their children in learning to read and calculate mathematical problems.


    WHAT’S NEXT:  Look for this to continue into the school day.  Brasser Elementary will be providing mini “parent workshops” prior to student events occurring in the classroom/grade level.  Plan on a 10 minute discussion with school personnel and then an opportunity for your child to show you what they are learning.  A win-win combination! We have already implemented this approach with 2nd & 3rd grade STEM activities and look forward to many additional opportunities for us to come together and build onto our parent-student-school relationship.  We want to thank you parents in advance for this critical opportunity to serve you and your children.





    Tim Young,                   



    Meghan Bello,

    Assistant Principal



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