• We are hoping to get back in the car for our final road groups in Mid-October.   If all goes well and the infection rate stays low we will be scheduding several weekend dates and times for students to schedule their remaining required road groups.   Please watch email for more details.   

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    How to access the Driver Education Lecture using SCHOOLOGY


    1. Students should login to Schoology through schoology.com.
    2. Select Coursesin the top menu.
    3. Click Join a Course or My Courses.
    4. From the My Coursespage, click Join Course on the right side of the page.
    5. Enter the course access code VTDK7-49W72
    6. Click Join.
    7. You will be in Mr. Goodwin’s classroom
    8. You will see a link title Driver Ed

    Holly MS/HS

    Spring 18

    1. Click on this link and you will see the lectures and additional materials

    After the student successfully enters the Course Access Code, they will be taken directly to the new course. When a student wants to return to this course, or any other courses, they click Courses at the top and select the course they would like to enter.

    For those of you who might need to create an account – anyone can create an account.    Once you have done this you can use the code to access the classroom.   


    We will be releasing the lectures weekly on Thursdays   

    Email me at Continuingeducation@gateschili.org   

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  • Community Service Drivers Education




    Tobias passes his road test!


    Guest speaker Chief James VanBrederode


    Mr Bell's tire change lesson

    Gates Chili offers an outstanding Drivers Education program for students!

    The program is offered twice each year in the Winter/Spring and in the Summer.  WE ARE WAITING TO SEE IF WE WILL BE ABLE TO OFFER THIS PROGRAM Starting IN JANUARY 2021.  We may also be making adjustments to the sessions we have always offered due to COVID restrictions.    

    Designed to meet the scheduling needs of the students and families we offer a variety of lecture and road group options. Our Driver Education program complies with The New York State Education Department and New York State Department of Motor Vehicle requirements offering 24 hours of classroom lectures and 24 hours of road time.

    Upon successful completion students will receive their MV-285 which allows them to drive after 9 pm at the age of 17 (what the students like) and provides documentation for possible insurance discounts (what the parents like).

    The program is provided as part of Gates Chili Continuing Education program. Seats are limited and priority is given to Gates Chili School District residents but the program is also available to non district residents in good standing at their high school.

    Pre Registration is required and spots are distributed using a birth date lottery - the oldest pre-registered student gets their first choice and so on.

    The cost of the program is $425 for Gates Chili School District Residents and $475 for non district residents. We now offer flexible payment options for all students.

    Pre-registration packets (CURRENTLY ON HOLD FOR THE 2020/2021 school year) are released mid October for the Winter Spring Program and in mid April for the Summer Program.  

    Here is what people are saying about the Gates Chili Driver Education Program

    "The Driver's Education program through Gates Chili's Continuing Education taught me all of the skills I would need in order to receive my driver's license and stay responsible on the road. A lot of these skills are still invaluable to me today, and having completed the course I am able to save money on my car insurance bills as well. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to not only save money and obtain their driver's license, but also anyone who wants skills that will serve them on the road for the rest of their lives."   Will S., Student

    “The Drivers Ed Program at Gates Chili will save your child’s life! Proper driving skills and safety should be taught by experts and Gates Chili has fantastic instructors!”    Chief James VanBrederode, Town of Gates PD

    "This is one program that I highly recommend for all those individuals who wish to learn how to drive. Not only were a variety of situations covered in the classroom, but also driving in different areas (on the expressway, during heavy traffic, etc). I found that my son appeared more confident behind the wheel and that he shared with me what he learned in class and on the road. Repetition is so important and I was pleased to hear that what I was or had taught him, was also being covered in class. The Instructors are a special breed. They possess insight on the capabilities of the individual student and a high degree of patience with each student.   The money spent was well worth it!!!"   Karen R.,  Parent


    "My son took Drivers Education from Gates Chili School District in 2012. He had a great experience and it made him a much more responsible driver. Listening and learning from an instructor verses his parents was the key. Every dollar spent on this course was worth the peace of mind we have felt ever since!"   Cynthia T., Parent


    "Driver Education  was a great experience for our daughter. The instructors were friendly and encouraging. The extra time in the car experiencing city and highway traffic was very helpful. She gained confidence in her ability and passed her road test on the first try!"       Juliet S.  Parent  

                                           Meet our Driver Education Instructors

     dz Mr. Jon DelVecchio  

    Mr. DelVecchio is a High School Business education teacher at Rush Henrietta.  He has been teaching Driver education and the five hour course at Gates Chili since 2004.   Jon is the owner of Street Skills and recently published Driving Flashcards to help parents teach driving skills to their children.  In his spare time Jon also teaches the Learn to Ride


     fxs Mr. Thomas Fasolt 

    Mr. Fasoldt loves science, camping, skiing and running 5ks. He has passionately taught physics for about 20 years for Greece Central Schools and Driver Education for various schools for nearly as long. The best part of teaching at Gates Chili, he says, is first, the students, and then the proximity to challenging driving environments like downtown Rochester.   He looks forward to working every day at Gates Chili!  


    fxs  Mr. Daniel Goodwin

    In addition to teaching Earth Science at Holley, Mr. Dan Goodwin has taught Drivers Education for over 15 years. Having taught in Holley, Pittsford and now at Gates Chili for the past 10 years, he is well aware of the skills needed by young drivers to be safe behind the wheel. A positive attitude and a willingness to continually evaluate their own driving are two of the essentials Mr. Goodwin tries to instill in our young drivers.


    Mr. Roger Brown  

     Our next Drivers Education program will begin January 2020

    Questions? Call us at 247-5345 or Email Marla_chefalo@gateschili.org