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Grades PreK - 5

  • Description of the P-5 program


    Physical Education:  

    All students will receive Physical Education instruction. Students will be assessed in the following areas: manipulative skills, movement concepts/nonmanipulative skills, locomotor skills, fitness, and the application of rules, concepts, and strategies. Our goal is for our students to feel successful while participating in a variety of movement activities. This will help guide our students in developing a positive attitude towards being physically active.


    Skill Indicators

    * Manipulative Skills -  Kicking, Striking, Catching, Throwing, Ball Handling 

    * Movement Concepts / Nonmanipulative Skills - Spatial Awareness, Transferring Weight, Balance

    * Locomotor Skills – Dance, Skipping, Hopping, Running, Galloping, Sliding

    * Fitness – Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Body Composition

    * Application of Rules, Concepts and Strategies 

    Behavior Indicators

    * Respect (shows respect for equipment, classmates and teachers)

    * Hard Work  (puts forth effort towards expected tasks and tries their best)

    * Responsibility (listens and follows directions, demonstrates self-control)

    * Compassion (demonstrates good sportsmanship, works well with peers)


    Link to NYS Standards for Physical Education http://www.p12.nysed.gov/ciai/pe/pels.html

Grades 6 - 8


     Gates Chili Middle School Physical Education Expectations


    Welcome to Physical Education Class.  Understanding the expectations for Physical Education at the beginning of the year will help everyone to have a positive learning experience. 

    Safety, above all, is our first priority…  To help ensure we provide the safest environment for all students, in accordance with New York State Athletics, students are NOT PERMITTED to wear ANY jewelry during physical education class.  This is a safety precaution and will be strictly enforced, if the piece(s) of jewelry are not removed students will not be able to participate and receive a “0” for a daily grade.  We also ask students to remove their chewing gum before class to avoid any hazards.

    Course Description:  The Gates Chili Middle School Physical Education program consists of a “Choice” system which allows students grades 6-7-8 to pick from a variety of units, some individual, others more team oriented, throughout the school year.

    Preparation Requirements:  All students are required to change out of what they have worn to school into acceptable PE attire.  School Dress Code will be enforced.  Tee/Sweat Shirts, Athletic shorts/pants or Yoga Pants, and sneakers.


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Grades 9 - 12

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