Health and Safety

  • Every school has a school nurse who coordinates health care in the school setting, answers routine medical questions, gives immediate first aid, provides medical care according to the medical regimen prescribed by the private health provider, performs and coordinates mandated NYS screenings and advises parents/guardians on immunization and mandated physical examination requirements.

    School Nurse Extensions

    Call (585) 247-5050 and use the building extensions indicated.

    • Florence Brasser: 51200
    • Neil Armstrong: 41200
    • Paul Road: 81201
    • Walt Disney: 61200
    • Middle School: 31201
    • High School: 21200


  • Jackie Dennison

    Jacqueline Dennison, DNP, RN, PPCNP-BC 
    Medical Director, Gates Chili Central School District
    (585) 247-5050 ext. 21210