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Grades PreK - 5

  • Description of the P-5 program


    In Grade 3, the Learning Standards focus on four critical areas: (1) developing understanding of multiplication and division and strategies for multiplication and division within 100; (2) developing understanding of fractions, especially unit fractions (fractions with numerator 1); (3) developing understanding of the structure of rectangular arrays and of area; and (4) describing and analyzing two-dimensional shapes.


    In Grade 4, the Learning Standards focus on three critical areas: (1) developing understanding and fluency with multi-digit multiplication, and developing understanding of dividing to find quotients involving multi-digit dividends; (2) developing an understanding of fraction equivalence, addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators, and multiplication of fractions by whole numbers; and (3) understanding that geometric figures can be analyzed and classified based on their properties, such as having parallel sides, perpendicular sides, particular angle measures, and symmetry.


    In Grade 5, the Learning Standards focus on three critical areas: (1) developing fluency with addition and subtraction of fractions, and developing understanding of multiplication of fractions and of division of fractions in limited cases (unit fractions divided by whole numbers and whole numbers divided by unit fractions); (2) extending division to 2-digit divisors, integrating decimal fractions into the place value system and developing understanding of operations with decimals to hundredths, and developing fluency with whole number and decimal operations; and (3) developing understanding of volume.

Grades 6 - 8

  • The Gates Chili Middle School consists of 3 learning communities, each of which includes students from grades 6 through 8.  Students receive instruction that covers material that is tested on the NYS Mathematics Assessments in Grades 6-8. 

    The focus in Grade 6 is on: 

    • connecting ratio and rate to whole number multiplication and division & using concepts of ratio and rate to solve problems
    • completing understanding of division of fractions and extending the notion of number to the system of rational numbers, including negative numbers
    • writing, interpreting, and using expressions and equations
    • developing an understanding of statistical thinking  

    The focus in Grade 7 is on: 

    • developing an understanding of and applying proportional relationships
    • developing an understanding of operations with rational numbers and working with expressions and linear equations
    • solving problems involving scale drawings and informal geometric constructions, and working with two- & three-dimensional shapes to solve problems involving area, surface area, and volume
    • drawing inferences about populations based on samples

    The focus in Grade 8 is on:

    • formulating and reasoning about expressions and equations, including modeling an association in bivariate data with a linear equation, and solving linear equations and systems of linear equations
    • grasping the concept of a function and using functions to describe quantitative relationships
    • analyzing two- & three-dimensional space and figures using distance, angle, similarity, and congruence, & understanding and applying the Pythagorean Theorem

    Students who have shown above average ability in mathematics are identified at the end of 6th grade for Acceleration in 7th grade.  Successful completion of Grade 7 Accelerated allows students to receive instruction in Algebra 1 in 8th grade.  Students who pass the NYS Regents Exam for Algebra 1 will receive 1 credit of high school math. 

Grades 9 - 12

  • The Gates Chili High School Mathematics Department offers 19 different courses, including Regents & Honors levels. 

    The traditional Regents sequence of Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 is currently in transition.  During the 2018-19 school year the incoming accelerated freshmen are piloting a sequence that takes them directly into Algebra 2, after completing Algebra 1 the previous year as 8th graders.  This group will then take Geometry the following year.  Based on the success of this pilot group, all incoming freshmen will transition to this new sequence in 2019-2020. 

    Honors courses are designed to challenge students by including enrichment topics, quicker pacing, and a project requirement.  Students choose to either complete a research project and submit a written paper on a mathematics topic of their choosing, or participate in Monroe County Math League competitions once a month from October to February. 

    Electives beyond the three NYS Regents courses include Advanced Topics in Math or Precalculus. 

    Advanced Placement offerings are available in Calculus (both AB & BC) and Statistics.  Computer Science courses offered are Intro to CS and JAVA.

    For students who require additional time to master course material, there are Introductory courses for Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.  

    Alternative pathways that emphasis applied skills exist for students who do not wish to pursue an Advanced Designation diploma, and include Applied Geometry & Applied Algebra. College Algebra is an elective that is designed to ensure that graduating seniors are prepared to enroll in credit bearing courses at the college level, avoiding costly remedial math courses due to attrition or a decline in mathematics skills or concepts.   

    All courses are taught with the aid of Texas Instruments Nspire CX graphing calculators, with each classroom equipped with a full class set of 30 units. Additional software or computer applications may also be used to demonstrate concepts in class or for HW support outside the classroom.

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