Student Registration


    New families to the Gates Chili Central School District will enroll their children in our schools through a centralized registration process, located at the District Office.

    Registration packets are available at the District Office or click here to start the process on our online Pre-Registration Portal. 

    Click here to start the registration process

    In addition to providing school records, those registering new students need:

    • Proof of a student’s address (mortgage statement, rental or lease agreement, tax receipt). 
    • Documentation of Age (birth certificate, a record of baptism, passport). 
    • Record of immunizations and current physical. NYS Immunization Requirements for 2018-19
    • Custody/Guardianship/Adoption documents, if applicable.

    Please contact the Central Registration Office for other examples of acceptable proof of address, documentation of age or any questions.

    District Registrar

    (585) 247-5050 x12224

    Central Student Registration Office

    3 Spartan Way

    Rochester, NY 14624

    After the registration paperwork is processed, appointments will be made for class placement and student schedules. 

    Change of Address: Parents are requested to contact the District Registrar for information on the process to file a change of address.

    Please note, only Gates Chili Central School District residents may enroll in Gates Chili Schools. Gates Chili does not accept out of district students.

    Please note that as of January 26, 2015, these documents have been revised to comply with the Amendment of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education (Subdivision (y) of section 100.2) as adopted by the Board of Regents on December 16, 2014. Complaints concerning enrollment and registration can be submitted to the OAG by mail to 120 Broadway, 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10271, by phone to (212) 416-8250, or by email to


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