Welcome to the Gates Chili Athletic Program

  • Dear Gates Chili Student-Athletes and Families,

    On behalf of the Gates Chili Central School District, I would like to welcome you to our Interscholastic Athletic Program. Gates Chili CSD offers 78 different athletic teams for students in grades 7-12. This past year 1,513 student-athletes participated in our athletic program. Our coaching staff consists of certified, dedicated professionals who enjoy working with our student-athletes. They are a group of individuals who work very hard and care a great deal about the students for which they are responsible. For students in grades 7-8, we offer 23 modified B and modified A programs, which serve as a training ground for skill development and participation.

    The modified program prepares our young student-athletes for the higher levels of high school competition. To participate at the high school level, a higher refinement of skills is necessary, and competition is viewed at a higher level of comprehension. Our 55 varsity and JV teams strive for success, and practice to produce as efficient a team and individual effort as is possible. Gates Chili also takes great pride in its commitment to inclusion through the offering of multiple Unified sports opportunities.

    The Gates Chili Athletic Department believes participation in athletics develops skills that student-athletes will use throughout their lifetime. The Spartan Way, which is taught and emphasized throughout the student day, encompasses some of these skills such as respect, responsibility, compassion and hard work. Each student-athlete is expected to develop and use these skills while participating in athletics at Gates Chili.

    Our campaign to increase multi-sport student-athletes is working! During the 2021-22 school year, 121 student-athletes earned the designation as a three-season student-athlete. This number has continued to grow from just 76 student-athletes since the onset of the program in the 2016-17 school year. We proudly use the hashtag #Play3ForGC when referring to this honor.

    If you have any questions about Gates Chili Athletics or would like more information on one of our programs, consult our handbook, or reach me at (585) 340-5050 ext. 21315 or ppirving@gateschili.org. I look forward to working with you as partners in your student’s athletic career at Gates Chili CSD.

    Dr. Patrick Irving, CMAA
    Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics




Patrick Irving, Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics

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