Welcome to the Gates Chili Athletic Program

  • Dear Students and Parents,

    I hope this letter finds you well as we reach the halfway point of the winter sports season. It has been exciting to witness the hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship displayed by our student-athletes thus far. As we navigate through the remainder of the season, I want to take a moment to highlight the importance of balancing academics and athletics, and to encourage personal growth through sports.

    Academics are the foundation upon which our student-athletes build their futures. It is crucial that, despite the demands of winter sports, every student continues to prioritize their studies. As we've emphasized before, success in the classroom is directly tied to success on the court, in the pool, on the track, or on the mat. Striking a balance between academics and athletics not only positions you to continue competing but also sets the stage for a successful future beyond high school.

    Sports provide a unique opportunity for personal growth. The skills you develop through educational athletics – teamwork, leadership, discipline – are not only valuable in the realm of sports but also in life. These qualities will serve you well in your academic pursuits, future careers, and personal relationships. Embrace the challenges presented in your chosen sport as opportunities for growth, both as an athlete and as an individual.

    In addition to excelling in your athletic endeavors, I want to stress the importance of prioritizing personal health and wellness. Proper nutrition, adequate rest, and regular exercise contribute not only to athletic performance but also to overall well-being. Take care of your bodies, listen to your coaches and trainers, and make decisions that promote long-term physical and mental health.

    Communication is key, and I encourage open dialogue between student-athletes and our high school staff. If you ever face challenges, academically, personally, or athletically, don't hesitate to reach out for support. We are here to help you succeed in all aspects of your high school experience.

    Lastly, for our seniors, it is crucial to ensure that your college applications and/or career plans are in order. If you need assistance or guidance, please reach out to our counseling department promptly. We are here to support you in your transition to higher education. Thank you for your commitment and hard work, and let's continue to make this winter sports season a memorable and successful one. Go Spartans!


    Mr, Ken Hammel

    Director of Physical Education, Health, and Athletics

    (585) 247-5050 ext.21315


Ken Hammel, Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics

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