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    Welcome to the Florence Brasser School Website


    Brasser Elementary welcomes the family –school partnership:

    We look forward to working with you and your child in learning.  How will you learn together alongside your child to support their education?

    We look forward to working with families in providing opportunities for meaningful feedback and input in assisting our school.  How will you support your child and school in leading together with us in making Florence Brasser the best school possible?

    We look forward to celebrating great accomplishments together.  How will you work with us in supporting your child’s academic growth?

    Learning together, Leading together, Achieving together”

    October 2018

    Dear Florence Brasser Families;


    A sincere thank you for the start of an amazing school year! Thank you also to those families who participated in our “Meet the Teacher” curriculum night.  We hope it was informative and gave you the needed information to support your child’s education this year.  It continually reaffirms our shared belief that students are our highest priority. For those who were unable to attend; please check out on this website "Meet the Teacher Curriculum Night" for important information that you may have missed. 

    Your partnership is imperative to our continued improvement and success! Supported by our belief that we teach the academic, social and emotional growth of the whole child, our building has dedicated itself to three focus areas as a faculty and school community. Over the course of this school year we will be focusing on:

     Empowerment: Preparing our Students for Their Future.

    We will do this by embracing 21st century learning in integrating technology into our classroom.  We will work to increase student achievement through collaborative focus on student -centered Learning. And we will come together to support the whole student in a strategic, purposeful “Building United” approach. We are excited to share this journey of Learning Together, Leading Together and Achieving Together.  When we all are actively involved, aware, and engaged in the education of our children – they become a positive difference in their school and community.                     

    The Brasser staff and we feel privileged to be a part of these important years, during which we will have the opportunity to work with you and your most treasured resource….your child.



    Tim Young,                   



    Meghan Bello,

    Assistant Principal

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