• Please take a moment to browse through this webpage to learn about the casework services offered in the Gates Chili School District. 

    So, what is a caseworker?
    A Caseworker serves as a liaison between school, home and community, linking parents with available school and community resources to best meet the needs of a student and his/her family. We are part of a multi-disciplinary team of individuals at school working together to make school a happy, successful place for students. There is a Caseworker assigned full time to each elementary school, as well as, the Middle and High Schools.

    What does a caseworker do?
    Caseworkers assist in providing counseling services to students and their families. Counseling can be provided to a student on an individual or small group basis. Some of the groups that may be offered at the elementary level include friendship groups that focus on social skill development and self-esteem, Banana Splits for students dealing with the recent separation or divorce of their parents, and Anger Management groups for help managing anxiety and frustration in healthy ways. A variety of group experiences are offered at the Middle and High School as well, including groups to address issues related to social skills, anger management, self-esteem and building healthy relationships. The High School also has an in-house drug/alcohol counselor through Unity Health who is assigned to the building once weekly. To access this service, please contact the High School Caseworker or School Counselor.

    All groups at the elementary level are voluntary and are held once weekly, usually during the student's lunch time to minimize pull outs from the classroom. Individual support is scheduled during the remaining portions of the school day at a time that best fits the student's schedule. Scheduling at the Middle and High Schools is done differently.

    Caseworkers provide assistance to parents/guardians, as well as students. This web page provides links to valuable community resources and helpful parenting information.

    How can I access casework services?
    Students can be referred to a caseworker for assistance by their parent/guardian, classroom teacher, School Counselor, Principal, a peer, or the student themselves. Should a problem with a student arise during the school day, the Caseworker is available for short term crisis intervention.