School Social Workers are trained mental health professionals who serve as a liaison between school, home, and community, linking parents with available school and community resources to best meet the needs of a student and his/her family.  They can assist with mental health concerns, behavioral concerns, positive behavioral support, academic, and classroom support, and consultation with teachers, parents, and administrators.  School Social Workers also provide individual and group counseling/therapy. School Social Workers are part of a multi-disciplinary team of individuals working together to make school a successful, happy place for students. 

    School Social Workers provide counseling support to students, individually or in small groups.  Some of the groups that may be offered at the elementary level include friendship groups that focus on social skill development and self-esteem, groups for students dealing with a recent separation or divorce of their parents, and anger management groups for dealing with anxiety and frustration in health ways.  A variety of groups are offered at the Middle School and High School as well, to help students learn social skills, anger management skills, develop self-esteem, and build healthy relationships. 

    Parents/guardians can access school Social Work Services by contacting the Building Social Worker directly or reaching out to the teacher, principal, or assistant principal for support in doing so.  Students can also contact the building social worker.  Should a problem arise during the school day, the Social Worker may be asked to provide short term crisis intervention.

    Caseworkers also provide assistance to parents/guardians, as well as students. The Resources Page provides links to valuable community resources and helpful parenting information.