Family and Consumer Science Grades 9 - 12

  • Family and Consumer Sciences programs are hands on, real world relevant, and diverse. These courses prepare all students to be competent, confident, and self-sufficient in managing their personal, family, and work lives. They provide education and training for related careers and teach valuable life skills.  


    Courses include: 

    Culinary 1: Student cooking labs and teacher demonstration provide practical experience in helping students apply nutrition knowledge, food safety and sanitation to everyday living, develop skills in menu planning, food purchasing, preparation and service. Students will also explore careers and employment opportunities in the field of Hospitality Management. 

    Culinary 2: Cooking takes on a creative flair in this advanced course which focuses on preparation techniques, appearance, and presentation of foods. The cooking labs and teacher demonstration explore foods such as soups and salads, breads, pizza, pies, cake decorating, and appetizers. *Pre-requisite Culinary 1 

    American and Regional Foods: Students will look at the culture and traditions of various regions and countries and how that influences their food. Students will prepare foods from various regions and countries to compare cuisines, ingredients, and preferred cooking methods. They will examine the current issues and conditions which affect the availability and quality of food in the global market and have the opportunity to examine the wide variety of career paths in the regional and foreign food fields and identify the knowledge and skills necessary for success within these fields. *Pre-requisite Culinary 1 

    Food Science: Using the scientific method, students will understand the science behind the foods they eat. Students need to complete 1200 minutes of lab time (30 labs). Covered topics include laboratory experience, chemistry fundamentals, science of nutrition, chemistry of food, and microbiology of food processing. 

    *May take as third year of Science credit  

    Creative Design for Fashion and Home: The course will explore how culture and environment influences design in relation to the past, present and future. Through hands on experiences students will apply design elements and principles while creating fashions and home décor. They will manage a household budget while creating hands-on projects using basic sewing skills 

    *Students may use this course to satisfy the required one unit of Art/Music credit  

    Developing Child: This course helps students to understand the role of educators, parents, and caregivers in the development of children from prenatal to school age. Students will develop skills and philosophies in caring for and teaching children, including hands-on learning experiences in a simulated pregnancy and caring for REAL CARE BABY. In addition, students will practice lesson planning, assessment techniques, and the value and importance of play in children’s lives. The course includes care of children with special needs, the teacher’s role and developing an anti-bias outlook through the eyes of a student, teacher and family members.  

    *Offered as dual enrollment - students can earn 6 college credits. 

    Diversified Cooperative Work Experience: Diversified Cooperative Work Experience is a New York State approved Work Experience Program geared towards seniors and affords participants with a chance to experience “firsthand,” a career specific employment opportunity. This opportunity offers the student a paid position and is designed to allow students to explore and analyze their future aspirations while making connections to their educational experiences and personal interests. 


    Students who choose to be Family and Consumer Sciences majors may waive the foreign language graduation requirement with a 5 unit sequence of Family and Consumer Sciences for the Regents with Advanced Designation Diploma.