Academic Intervention Services at Gates Chili

  • New York State certified teachers offer three tiers of support in the areas of literacy and math for any elementary student that shows need. Student progress reportsdistrict and state assessments, and teacher recommendation may qualify a student for additional literacy or math support. Support may be in the classroom or outside of the classroom in a small group settingFourth and fifth grade students may qualify for direct or indirect service. 


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elementary ais staff

teacher name title building email
Paul Adams Building Reading Teacher ES
Kristina Angie Literacy Intervention ES
Christie Baglio Literacy Intervention ES
Annemarie Brower Math Intervention Teacher ES
Kristin Buisch Building Math Teacher ES
Janice Childs Literacy Intervention ES
Maureen Conley Literacy and Math Intervention ES
Cassidy Dailey Building Reading Teacher ES
Sarah Dumrese Literacy Intervention ES
Karen Frame Math and Literacy Intervention ES
Tara Griffin Math Intervention ES
Kayleen Halpin Building Reading Teacher ES
Ellen Jeffery Literacy Intervention ES
Jenn Kulikowski Literacy Intervention ES
Amy Long Building Reading Teacher ES
Suzette Martin Literacy Intervention ES
Danielle McLymond Literacy Intervention ES
Jennifer Padulo Building Math Teacher ES
Peter Sacheli Building Math Teacher ES
Tina Sihto Building Math Teacher ES
Christine Smith-Campbell Literacy Intervention ES
Nicole Van Aernum Math Intervention ES
Breanna Williams Math Intervention ES

secondary ais staff

teacher name title building(s) email
Anthony Aviles AIS English HS
Samantha Carpenter AIS Literacy MS
Mary Ferrari AIS Math MS
Timothy Manzer AIS Math MS
Janet Martinek AIS Literacy Department Leader, Building Reading Teacher MS
Rose Meyer-Love AIS Literacy Department Leader, Building Reading Teacher HS
Charlene Paiement AIS Literacy MS
Angela Palumbos AIS Literacy MS
Thomas Philips AIS Math MS
Rachel Smalley AIS Global HS
Jaime Walberger AIS Math, AIS US History HS