Student Email

  • Student Email Overview

    The Gates Chili Central School District has implemented the use of Office 365 email accounts for all students in grades 6-12. The student email accounts in grades 6-10 are restricted to in-district communication only, which means that students will only be able to send or receive email to or from our District’s email domain ( Students in grades 11 and 12 can send and receive email from in and out of the district. These email accounts are different than consumer email accounts because this system exists in a closed campus environment that is archived and will be monitored for inappropriate use in accordance with the District’s Code of Conduct and Character as well as our Student Acceptable Use Policy. 

    Student Email Acceptable Use Expectations

    The student email accounts have been provided to enrich student education opportunities and teach digital citizenship. The District is committed to providing a safe school environment and we encourage families and students to review these expectations to ensure proper usage of this tool. By using a District provided email account, the user is indicating acceptance of the expectations identified below.

    Expectations for Student Email Use:

    • Behavior expectations highlighted in our District’s Code of Conduct and Character also apply to the use of email.
    • Students shall acknowledge annually and follow the District Acceptable Use Policy - 9120 and the supporting regulations.
    • Users should not expect that any email communication would be private. Messages in student email accounts are archived and may be shared with District administration and law enforcement officials.
    • Students receiving a harassing or inappropriate email message are responsible to report any inappropriate media or resources they encounter.
    • Students shall maintain confidentiality of their usernames and passwords and shall not utilize username and passwords of others. Use of an account assigned to another user, forging of email messages, or posting anonymous messages is prohibited.

    I understand that I will be assigned an email account through the Gates Chili Central School District and that I am responsible for meeting all the expectations identified above. I also understand that any violation to these expectations can result in a suspension of my email account and the possibility of additional disciplinary action.

    Accessing Student Email:

    Students can access their email account through the Outlook Web App within Office 365 using the username and password information below:

    • Username: (example:
    • Password: network password