• Minecraft Education Edition at Gates Chili



    What is it?

    Minecraft: Education Edition’s 3D sandbox environment and block-based mechanics make it an ideal workspace for students to learn. Students can securely log in to the program using their Office 365 account. They can often be found in a collaborative world with their teacher, or their own world learning about the topic being presented. Click here for more information.


    Why Minecraft EDU?


    Minecraft: Education Edition prepares students for the future, building future-ready skills like creativity, problem solving, and systems thinking, and nurturing a passion for play. Click here for more information


    Examples of Minecraft EDU in Gates Chili

    • Second grade students at Walt Disney learned how to use Minecraft EDU on laptops with touchscreen or keyboard and mouse controls. Students will be working on a collaborative build project connecting to the read-aloud taking place in their classroom.
    • A third-grade class went fishing in a Minecraft EDU world. Students used tally marks to track the type of fish they caught. Once done fishing, students built and labeled all the parts of a bar graph.
    • Some students at Walt Disney and Florence Brasser were able to participate in a Minecraft EDU club. Students worked together to collaborate, communicate and demonstrate creativity during themed builds.
    • Fourth and fifth grade students worked through the Inquiry & Research Process. Students had to research assorted topics such as landmarks, people, and animals. Students then selected resources, took notes, cited sources, and then summarized. They were able to create a product using what they learned about their research topic and use boards within Minecraft EDU to add their research notes and cite sources.
    • Sixth grade students from the GCMS Amerks community toured a mini-city-state of Mesopotamia. Students were able to explore a ziggurat and build a mini version. Students learned about irrigation and created their own farm. Water was brought to their crops by creating canals. As they toured Mesopotamia, they read about how the civilization flourished as they settled, created new jobs, and made great innovations.
    • Students in seventh grade researched different forms of transportation during the early years of the United States, including the Erie Canal, the Transcontinental Railroad, and the Oregon Trail. Using Minecraft, students built digital railroads, canals, and trails. They created a world that not only looked like their mode of transportation but also taught other students about it.

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