• Schoology

    What is it?

    Schoology brings together the best K-12 learning management system with assessment management to improve student performance, foster collaboration, and personalize learning. Click here for more information.

    How are students using it?

    Students are able to:

    • Access course-specific content
    • Submit assignments
    • Complete test/quizzes and assessments
    • View due dates for assignments

    How to access it:

    Students can navigate to Schoology through Classlink and signing in, or by visiting http://gateschili.schoology.com.

    Login Information:

    Students will need to sign in using their computer username and password. This consists of their first initial, middle initial, and last name. They will use their normal password to sign into this website. Students must be navigating to gateschili.schoology.com for this sign-in method to work.


    Example: jpsmith