• "Together we teach and inspire excellence for all learners."

    In supporting our above mission statement, Gates Chili has embarked on our own Digital Conversion Journey. Technology will always be a tool to support good instruction. This will help prepare our students for the future.



    What is a Digital Conversion:

    An increasing number of school districts are beginning to engage in digital conversion - a comprehensive and transformational process that has at its core providing each student with a learning management system and digital resources to enhance student learning, adopting more student-centered and data-informed instructional approaches to better capitalize on these technologies, and move towards paperless operations. 

    Why Digital Conversion:

    Digital conversions can lead to significant improvements in student achievement. It ensures that every student has access to digital tools and resources by providing a computing device for them, regardless of their background or socio-economic status. This includes students with special needs and those who are at-risk learners. By making technology available for every single student we will engage them in ways simply not possible with textbooks and traditional classroom resources. The goal is to systematically transform classroom instruction from being paper-based and lecture-driven to one where the instruction is technology-enhanced, complemented with digital resources, and more teacher-facilitated and student-centered. It is about creating an engaging learning environment where information and resources are available 24/7 at a student's fingertips and where learning is more collaborative, inquiry-driven and personalized.

    A Digital Conversion:

    • Prepares students for college, the workplace, the military, or just to function in 21st-century society, they need to know how to use digital tools and online content, sort and manage information, and work in the technology-based world.
    • Provides personalized learning experiences to support and engage all students in the learning process.
    • Bridges the digital divide by providing students the right tools and support to be successful regardless of socio-economic status, first spoken language, or special needs.
    • Levels the playing field to support our disadvantaged students.
    • Promotes a flexible learning environment and eliminates the "front of the classroom."