Homeschool Registration Information

If you wish to begin homeschooling you must submit a signed Letter of Intent to homeschool your child to the Superintendent.

  • Families wishing to homeschool their students, who are compulsory school age, are required by the New York State Education Department to adhere to the NYS Part 100.10 Regulations. A link to the document can be found below, along with a link to a question-and-answer document. Upon receiving the letter of intent, your request will be reviewed and an approval letter along with a packet of homeschooling information will be mailed to you.

    Families are required to submit a yearly plan after receiving acknowledgement of their Letter of Intent to homeschool. This yearly plan is called an "Individualized Home Instruction Plan" or IHIP. IHIP paperwork will be sent home along with the acknowledgement of the Letter of Intent. If you are homeschooling more than one child, you may need to make additional copies. 

    Families are required to submit Quarterly Progress Reports documenting the student’s progress over the quarter. A Quarterly Progress Report form will be sent home along with the acknowledgement of the Letter of Intent. Please make additional copies as necessary.  


  • NYS Requirements
  • NYS Common Q & A
  • NYS Regulations
  • Homeschool Forms
  • Important note:

    • If a child returns to the district after homeschooling, it is up to the principal's discretion what, if any, credit will be granted for coursework completed in homeschooling.
    • Students who are homeschooled do not receive a diploma. A Letter of Completion would be awarded if all NYS Part 100.10 requirements are met.

    For more information, please contact Tabitha Woody, Coordinator of Homeschool Instruction, at (585) 247-5050 extension 12117 or by email at