Emergency School Closings and Delays

  • As we move into the winter months and the likelihood of inclement weather, questions arise regarding how and when decisions are made to close or delay school. Below are guidelines and practices for Gates Chili Central School District during these times.

    Channels of communication
    In the event of an emergency or inclement weather, the district will provide information and updates via phone call, text message, district website and social media, as well as local television and radio stations. No private or parochial school transportation is provided when Gates Chili Schools are closed.

    How and when is the decision made?
    The decision to delay or cancel school for the day due to weather conditions is made with consideration of current conditions, temperature and weather forecasts. The Superintendent with the help of the Director of Transportation begin the process early by driving roads and checking with local agencies such as the town, county, or state highway officials. School closings will be announced by 6 a.m.

    Wind chill factors
    When a forecast of below zero is predicted, it may result in temperatures that could be dangerous for children who are walking or waiting for a bus. The wind-chill factor is taken into consideration in these instances. For example, -5 without wind may not be as hazardous as a temperature of 0 with a wind-chill factor that brings the temperature to -25. As a guide, we defer to the indicator designated by the Monroe County Health department which is a temperature of -25 below.

    If the decision is based on wind rather than temperature, gusts above 40 mph is the minimum threshold to determine unsafe for travel.

    Early dismissals
    In the event of an early dismissal, announcements will also be made using the same communication channels listed above. Parents whose homes are unattended during the day should make arrangements for their children to be properly supervised should an early dismissal occur.

    Afterschool activities
    At times it may be necessary to cancel afternoon school activities due to weather conditions. When this occurs, all District campuses and buildings will be closed. Therefore, all afternoon and evening activities are cancelled including sporting events, Field House activities, club meetings, Continuing Education classes, etc. This also means that all late bus runs will be cancelled for the day.



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