Communication Standards

  • Communication builds positive relationships with students and families. Gates Chili is committed to keeping families well informed and ensuring staff know how, what and when to communicate. This is our communications commitment to you. 

    To see a snapshot of Gates Chili’s Communication Standards, click here to access the Communications Standards At-a-Glance.

    The Gates Chili Central School District is dedicated to fostering curiosity, growth, and diversity within our school community. The district celebrates and embraces differences and strives to dismantle exclusion, bias, racism, and prejudice of all forms.


  • What are Communication Standards?  

    Communications Standards act as a reference to determine when communication is required and when effective practices of communication can contribute to a positive school environment. They create a consistent experience for families from school to school and remove duplication of messages between the school building and district levels.

    Gates Chili’s Communication Standards apply to all schools. 


  • Direct Communication for Expected Topics   

    You will receive communication on expected topics. Expected communication topics always meet the criteria for direct communication with families because the topics uphold a mutual value shared between families and staff. You will receive these messages via phone call, text message, email and/or U.S. mail. 

    Examples of expected topics include student progress, school closures, student attendance, injury or harm, specialized services, New York State updates and information, emergency response notification, class relocation, new educator or principal, and major construction.


  • Additional Communication  

    You may receive communication on additional topics. Additional communications can range from information that is available to families but not always shared directly with you. How will you receive additional communication? You will receive these messages via district or school websites and social media, to list a few examples. Please see the summary of digital platform/tools for families at Gates Chili.

    Examples of additional topics include transportation delays, power outages, routine safety drills, program news and updates, building and district events, and much more!


  • Direct Communication for Expected Topics   

  • Additional Communication  

  • How families can support Communication Standards 

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