Social Media Standards and Guidelines

  • The Gates Chili School District has established Facebook pages, Instagram accounts and Twitter accounts to share important information with our public and engage in an open and respectful dialogue. To help us accomplish this goal, we ask that you abide by the following guidelines:

    1. These social media accounts are not intended to circumvent regular communication channels for discussing personal issues or concerns, or asking questions of a specific student or employee. Comments/questions of this nature will be removed.

    2. Personal attacks or comments that are deemed offensive to any member of our community will not be tolerated. Inappropriate remarks or profanity will be removed.

    3. These accounts are dedicated to our mission - the education of Gates Chili students. Comments are welcome as long as they directly relate to our district, schools, and activities.

    4. Blatantly inaccurate information will not be allowed. False information will be removed and factual information will be posted.

    5. Abuse of the above guidelines can lead to removal of a specific posting or blocking/removal from our pages and account.