2024 Budget Vote and Board Election

  • We are pleased to share that Gates Chili Central School District voters approved the proposed budget for the 2024-25 school budget and two additional propositions, in addition to filling four Board of Education seats. Nearly 700 voters cast a ballot in the annual vote and election. Please see the voting results below. 


    Thank you to all the Gates Chili community members who participated in the school budget vote and board election. For more information about the election and school budget, go to gateschili.org/vote. 


    Proposition 1 (2024-25 School Budget)

    YES     457 - PASS
    NO       211


    Proposition 2 (Bus Purchases)

    YES     458 - PASS
    NO       211


    Proposition 3 (Energy Performance Contract)

    YES     541 - PASS
    NO       129


    Board of Education (4 seats)

    Robert Long                508 (earns a three-year term)
    Nicole Littlewood         458 (earns a three-year term)
    Kerri Keyes                  455 (earns a three-year term)
    Tanya Srbinovski         425 (earns a one-year term)
    Joseph Rittler              299


    Write-in candidates:

    Jeff Flynn                    2
    Michael Bailey             1
    Tucker Carlson            1
    Tina Carney                1
    Wetherell Craig           1
    Jahmar Elliott              1
    Kamala Harris             1
    Michael Pipkin             1
    Marenda Thornton      1
    Donald Trump              1
    Stephen Palmer          1

  • Gates Chili CSD will hold its 2024-25 School Budget Vote and Board Election on Tuesday, May 21, 2024 from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Spartan Field House at Gates Chili High School, 1 Spartan Way, Rochester, NY 14624. Voters should park in lot D or E and enter the field house using door 7 (see map for more details).

    Results will be posted below at the conclusion of the election. 


  • Spartan Field House Entrance


  • Proposition 1:
    The school budget proposition authorizes the Gates Chili Central School District to spend $133,305,023 for school purposes during the 2024-25 fiscal year and to levy the necessary tax therefore.

    Proposition 2: This proposition authorizes the purchase of school buses at a total cost of no more than $5,086,479. New York State reimburses Gates Chili approximately 75% of the cost of bus purchases.

    Proposition 3: This proposition would allow the district to receive an additional 10% in state aid towards its fully funded energy performance improvement project.

    Board of Education Candidates: Residents will vote to fill three Board of Education seats for three-year terms and one Board of Education seat for a one-year term. Candidates, in ballot order are: Kerri Keyes (incumbent), Tanya Srbinovski (incumbent), Robert Long (incumbent), Joseph Rittler and Nicole Littlewood (incumbent).

  • Proposed budget information
  • Budget explained
  • Budget issue of the district newsletter
  • Board candidate information
  • NYS School Budget Rules
  • Tax cap information
  • Voter information

  • If you have questions, please call the district clerk at 247-5050 ext. 12101.