Gates Chili Learning Labs: Professional Development for Teachers, by Teachers


    What are Learning Labs?

    Learning Labs are job-embedded professional development. These opportunities focus on a collaborative approach to enhance instruction with the use of student-centered learning.


    How do Learning Labs work?

    Guest teachers meet with their host teacher prior to a lesson to discuss the objective. Then, the guest teacher will visit the classroom of the host teacher. After the visit, the group has time to reflect and apply their new understanding to future lessons. 


    When can I participate in a Learning Lab?

    The next opportunity for Learning Labs will take place on Wednesday, March 4 and Wednesday, March 11. 


    How do I take part in a Learning Lab as a guest teacher?

    Registration for spring Learning Labs will be open from Jan. 6 until Feb. 6. Sign up in My Learning Plan or click here.


    How do I host a Learning Lab in my classroom?

    In order to be a host teacher, you must complete a training. Click here to fill out the form required to be considered as a host teacher. 


    Read more about Learning Labs by clicking here



    Testimonials by Gates Chili teachers

    “It was great to see students using the same technology we have! They are much more capable with the technology than I thought they would be. Differentiation can be so seamless! It may take a bit of leg work at the start to get everything up and running but it seems so worth it in the end.”


    “I loved the way [my host teacher] managed her classroom/lessons. The use of technology kept the kids engaged throughout the lesson I observed. I learned some strategies that I can easily put in place in my classroom.”


    “Immediately after the learning lab I applied what I learned. I already set up a new agenda and objectives page for my students to see as they come into class.”


    “The time for conversation (debrief) after the Learning Lab experience was most helpful ... the guest teacher had written down a lot of notes and questions based on the lesson, and she was able to ask and get advice or clarification based on our discussion afterwards.”


    “Often times there are so many great things going on in classrooms within our district and we don't get a chance to see them or talk and share ideas. This opportunity has allowed us to share in so many ways.”