• Gates Chili High School Covid-19 Process for obtaining a work permit


    Work Permit applications are available at the High School Health Office or there is an electronic fillable application [see below].

    **Please note that the requirement to present a state-issued ID has changed** If you are a resident of the Gates Chili School District and/or attending a Gates Chili school, we are usually able to use the student's schooling record as identification. 

    A) Email attachments/photos of the following to the issuing official: cagear@gateschili.org

    1.  Fully Complete Part I [ONLY] of the Work Permit Application (NYS DOL Form AT-17)
    - The fillable pdf Work Permit Application can be Found Here. You will need to save it to your device. 
    - Be sure to write your full legal name, including middle name
    - To sign a parent's signature on the PDF, Click "Add Notes" to sign with the E-pen. If you have the document open in Adobe, it will look different - please see the photo instructions HERE

    3. A copy of a current physical (within 1 year) OR the Physical Fitness Certification form (Form AT-16) Found Here

    4. If you are a non-Gates Chili school district resident or student, you will still need to provide proof of a state-issued ID (birth certificate, driver's license/permit, passport). Residents or students of the district usually do NOT need to provide this, unless your current legal name or address differs from the information on file with the school district.

    B) Once the documentation is emailed and verified, the certifying officer will complete the work permit. This can usually be completed within 1 day. The student should sign the card upon receipt. 

    C) There are 2 ways to receive a work permit. Please indicate which method you prefer when applying.

    • Mail to Home Address [for home-schooled or private school students]
    • Pick up during school day