• Welcome to Gates Chili High School Health Office

    The Health Office is staffed by 
    TBD RN
    Ms. Gear, Health Aide

    Phone: (585) 247-2420
    Fax: (585) 340-5545 
    Nurse EM : TBD


    7:15 am - 2:45pm

     Work permits may be obtained either in-person or by a virtual process.  Please visit WORK PERMITS for instructions. 


    Fall 2024 Sports Physical Dates
     A current physical, dated 8/1/23 or later, MUST be submitted to the High School Health office to be cleared for your Spring sport

    Please Note: If your child has a life-saving medication that they need to self-carry [EpiPen or Albuterol], the health office needs proof of CURRENT 24-25 self-carry order for such medication, before the RN can safely clear them for a sport


    IMPORTANT LAW CHANGE: Starting Fall 2023 sports season, Gates Chili Central School District is strictly following The Dominic Murray Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act, enforced by NYS. This law protects all students, regardless of personal or family cardiac health history.

    Each doctor during the student's annual physical should be checking off "Family Cardiac History Reviewed" and "Clear for all Activities". If not, they will need cardiac follow-up or separate cardiac clearance from a provider sent into the health office for review. For all athletes, if you are not cleared on Family ID due to cardiac clearance issues, this is most likely the reason why. Please reach out to the pediatrician's office to request the necessary documentation.



     HS Sport & Work Permit Physicals: THURSDAYS 2:15 - 2:45 PM [immediately after school, all year]

    No appointments. First come, first served



    Click on the link below to see the complete calendar for health office summer hours...  [closed for lunch 12:00 - 12:45]


    • All 12th-grade students MUST receive a meningitis vaccination after their 16th birthday. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from school.  Proof of vaccination MUST be provided to the health office by 9/20/24.

      Please contact your child's physician to receive this vaccination and obtain a copy of their record. Documentation can be faxed to 340-5545 or emailed. It is parent/guardian's responsibility to ensure their child's immunizations stay compliant with NYS immunization laws for attending school. 



     Please refer to the sub-links to access relevant health office information. If using a mobile device, click "Home" on the top left.