Physicals Examinations

Physical Exam

  • Beginning the 2018-19 school year, Education Law, Section 903, requires all 9th, 11th and all new entrants receive a physical examination.  Students are encouraged to have these exams done by their primary physician;  however, our district medical director will complete this physical for those in need.


    School Provided Physicals: Students needing physicals for any reason may come afterschool on Thursdays (beginning 9/20/18) during 9th opportunity (2:12-2:45pm) for a physical, when school is in session. No appointment is necessary and is free of charge. They are provided on a first come, first served basis. Student must be in health office by 2:25pm in order to receive a physical that day.



    Beginning July 1st, 2018  - all private healthcare providers (ex. your child's pediatrician) and school based medical directors MUST use this NYS approved health examination (physical) form. You may print this form and bring to your child's physical

    NYS Health Exam Form