Spartan Head

    Sports Participation Enrollment - Registration for sports participation is done through Once you have created a family account, you will be able to enter a participant, respond to a health questionnaire and agree to several policies, including athlete and spectator code of conduct, knowledge of the academic policy and concussion protocol.

    *Enrollment Period - Begins one month prior to the start of try-outs. (Ex. if JV/Varsity season begins Aug. 23rd; Enrollment begins July 23rd)

    *Enrollment Website Link - Refer to the Athletics Directory, Online Registration for Athletics

    *Opportunities to complete enrollment at Gates Chili High School - For those without internet access at home, please call our office to arrange an appointment to enter your enrollment registration on a computer in the Athletic Office.

    Physical Exam Requirements:                                

    It is necessary to have a current health appraisal on file with the appropriate health office. Please contact them to verify the status of your child's health record. 
    Gates Chili HS students - 1 Spartan Way, Rochester, NY 14624, Attn: Health Office,
    Fax#(585) 340-5545
    Gates Chili MS Students - 2 Spartan Way, Rochester, NY 14624, Attn: Health Office, 
    Fax#(585) 784-8417

    Sport start dates for the 2023-2024 school year:                                


    Fall 2023

    JV/Varsity Football-


    JV/Varsity Teams - 


     *Girls Soccer

     *Boys Soccer 

     *Girls Tennis


     *Girls Volleyball 

     *Boys Volleyball  

     *Girls Swimming/Diving

     *Girls/Boys Cross Country



    Modified B Football - 


    Modified A Teams -

     *Girls Tennis



    Modified B Teams - 

     *Girls Soccer

     *Boys Soccer

     *Girls Volleyball

     *Boys Volleyball

     *Girls Swimming

     *Co-Ed Cross Country 


    Winter 2023/2024

    JV/Varsity Teams - TBD

     *Boys Swimming/Diving

     *Girls/Boys Bowling

     *Indoor Track

     *Girls/Boys Basketball


     *Ice Hockey 



    Modified A & B Teams - TBD

     *Boys Swimming, Mod B

     *Girls Basketball, Mod B

     *Boys Basketball, Mod A & B

     *Wrestling, Mod B

     *Cheer, Mod A




    Spring 2024

    JV/Varsity Teams - TBD

     *Girls/Boys Lacrosse



     *Flag Football 

     *Boys Tennis



    JV/Varsity Girls/Boys Track & Field - TBD


    Modified A and B Teams - TBD

     *Field Hockey

     *Baseball, Mod B

     *Softball, Mod B

     *Girls Lacrosse, Mod B

     *Boys Lacrosse, Mod B

     *Boys Tennis, Mod A

     *Co-Ed Track/Field, Mod B


    Unified Basketball, Varsity - TBD