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    Sports Participation Enrollment - Sport Packet Forms will no longer be used for athletic participation. We are excited to introduce a new process for enrollment in Gates Chili Athletics. This will be done by electronically completing a health questionnaire as well as agreeing to the code of conduct for athletes and knowledge of the academic policy and concussion protocol.

    *Enrollment Period - Begins one month prior to the start of try-outs. (Ex. JV/Varsity/Modified Sports: Enrollment begins August 21 2020 Try-outs begin September 21, 2020)

    *Enrollment Website Link - Refer to the Athletics Directory, 2020-2021 Athletic Online Registration

    *Opportunities to complete enrollment at Gates Chili High School - For those without internet access at home please call our office to arrange an appointment to enter your enrollment registration on a computer in the Athletic Office.

    Physical Exam Requirements:                                

    In order to participate in sports, a current physical and immunization record must be on file with your child's health office. The date of the exam must be within one year from the start date of the selected sport.  
    Fall 2020 Sports ONLY - Health/physical examinations completed during the 2019/2020 school year will be accepted.
    You are responsible for providing the current physical/immunization record to the health office. It can be added to your online registration, mailed, faxed or dropped off to the appropriate health office. When completing the Health Questionnaire you will also have the option of attaching an electronic copy of your physical exam and immunization record. Please refer to the Health Office website for summer hours information.
    Gates Chili HS students - 1 Spartan Way, Rochester, NY 14624, Attn: Health Office,
    Fax#(585) 340-5545
    Gates Chili MS Students - 2 Spartan Way, Rochester, NY 14624, Attn: Health Office, 
    Fax#(585) 784-8417

    Sport start dates for the 2020-2021 school year:                                


    Fall I 2020/2021 - September 28th

    JV/Varsity Teams - Sept. 21st



     *Field Hockey

     *Girls Soccer

     *Boys Soccer 

     *Girls Tennis


     *Girls Volleyball 

     *Boys Volleyball  

     *Girls Swimming/Diving

     *Girls/Boys Cross Country



    Modified A Teams - October 5th 

     *Girls Tennis


    Modified B Teams - October 5th 


     *Girls Soccer

     *Boys Soccer


     *Girls Swimming

     *Co-Ed Cross Country 


    Unified Bowling - TBD


    Winter 2020/2021

    JV/Varsity Teams - December 7th

     *Boys Swimming/Diving

     *Girls/Boys Bowling

     *Indoor Track (information on the season is still TBD)


    JV/Varsity Teams - January 4th

     *Girls/Boys Basketball


     *Ice Hockey



    Modified B Teams - December 14th


     *Boys Swimming, Mod B


    Modified A and B Team - January 4th 

     *Girls Basketball, Mod B

     *Boys Basketball, Mod A & B

     *Wrestling, Mod B



    Fall II - March 1st - TBD

     *Football, Varsity - JV and Modified B

     *Competitive Cheer - Varsity, JV and Modified A

     *Girls Volleyball - Varsity, JV and Modified B

     *Boys Volleyball - Varsity, JV and Modified B 


    Spring 2020/2021

    JV/Varsity Teams - March 15th

     *Girls/Boys Lacrosse



     *Boys Tennis



    JV/Varsity Girls/Boys Track & Field - March 16th


    Modified A and B Teams - March 22th

     *Field Hockey

     *Baseball, Mod B

     *Softball, Mod B

     *Girls Lacrosse, Mod B

     *Boys Lacrosse, Mod B

     *Boys Tennis, Mod A

     *Co-Ed Track/Field, Mod B


    Unified Basketball, Varsity - Approximately April 1st