• Per NYS law, students needing to take either prescription or over-the-counter medication during the school day require the following:

    • A written order from your physician. This must be a FULL order including correct person, med, dose, route, time, and reason.
    • A written request form signed by the parent or legal guardian.
    • Medication must be in original container, and brought to the Health Office by an adult.

    All medication must be stored in the Health Office. 

    Epi-pens and Albuterol inhalers are the only medications that MAY be self-carried and administered by the student if indicated in the doctor order.

    Students are responsible to come at the appropriate time for medications. The nurse cannot interrupt classes to call students for their medication.



    Print and give to your child's physician to fill out. Please sign permission and return to the health ofifce. 


    Form: Physician Order for Medication at School