Student Parking Information


     Dear Parents and Students,


    The purpose of this page is to provide you with information pertaining to students driving to school.  Only students who have a valid New York State Driver’s License, good attendance, academic and discipline records are eligible to complete an application.  Students who currently possess a learner’s permit are not eligible.  Please remember driving is a senior privilege, not a right and there are a limited number of parking permits available. Grade level administration reserves the right to deny any parking application.


    Parking is a privilege, applications will be approved based on the students’ prior attendance, academics, and behavior.


    All applicants must complete the parking application online with the link at the bottom of this page.  Students who are approved for a parking permit can pick up their permit the first week of school from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm in the security office.  Listed below is a summary of driving and parking regulations that must be followed by students who wish to park on campus during the school year:


    • Students must be in good standing demonstrating the Spartan Way - Respect, Responsibility, Hard Work and Compassion.


    • Students must bring a copy of their driver's license when picking up their parking permit.


    • Students must arrive to school on time.  Parking privileges will be revoked at the Administrators discretion if a student accumulates unexcused tardies or absences during any marking period.


    • Student parking permits must be correctly displayed and visible on the rear-view mirror.


    • Lost or stolen parking permits must be reported immediately to the security office.


    • The students must park in their assigned spot.


    • Students are not to leave school or go to their vehicles during the school day without permission from their administrator or security personnel.


    • Car radios must be at a reasonable volume level and all posted speed limits must be observed.


    • This is a drug and alcohol-free campus. All vehicles are subject to search.


     Any violation will result in revocation of parking privileges and additional disciplinary consequences.


    It is important that student drivers and their parents understand the rules and regulations that govern this parking privilege.  Failure to comply with the above policies and regulations could result in the vehicle being towed at the driver's expense.


    Parking Application