Hillside Work Scholarship Connection

  • Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection at Gates Chili:

    • Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection (HWSC) is a nationally recognized youth development program that helps students stay in school, achieve academic success and graduate from high school with the skills and confidence they need to be successful at home, at college, and at the workplace.
    • HWSC started at Gates Chili with 30 high school freshmen in the 2015-2016 school year. Since then, the program’s innovative collaboration with the school district has addressed the goals of increasing student engagement and preparing students for life after high school.”


    Students participate in a variety of enrichment activities throughout the year:

    Life and Social Skill Enrichments focus on the skill sets and competencies that are needed to transition into adulthood. The enrichments have included:

    • Social events at school or as part of outings during school breaks, such as ice cream socials and holiday lunches, ice skating, bowling, etc.,
    • Family engagement nights
    • A.R.T.S. Theatre Group events, where students attend local plays and engage in many other activities centered on the arts
    • "AAA" Celebrations that reward students for maintaining or showing improvement in the areas of Academics, Attitude, and/or Attendance
    • New Generation of Young Men and Sisterhood of Excellence groups
    • Stress management activities
    • Poetry enrichments
    • Volunteering


    College and Career Awareness and Readiness—These enrichments consist of students identifying different career paths, what it means to be employable in the future and what will be required to enter a chosen field. The enrichments have included:

    • College financing presentations
    • College fairs
    • College tours (local and non-local)
    • Employer conversations
    • Veterinarian Technician Explorer Program
    • Video Game Production Program, Photonics Exploration, etc.
    • Assistance with the completion of scholarships and college paperwork
    • Access to Dial-A-Teacher tutoring partnership and Nazareth College Connection (homework help and college immersion activities)


    What will HWSC do for my student?

    • HWSC provides long-term mentoring from youth advocates who are the cornerstone of HWSC’s successful model.
    • Tutoring and post-secondary planning are available to enrolled students as needed in order to support on-time graduation.
    • Students who demonstrate a positive attitude, good attendance and good grades in core subjects are eligible for HWSC’s Youth Employment Training Academy (YETA), a rigorous 25-hour program that gives students the workforce readiness skills to succeed in entry-level employment.
    • A key to HWSC’s innovative program is students’ eligibility for part-time employment at local businesses based on their school commitment and success. Once students become YETA-certified, students can apply for part-time jobs with HWSC employer partners.


    Can my student join Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection?

    Students interested in enrolling in the program are encouraged to connect with a Youth Advocate at their school to determine eligibility. For more information, call 585-247-5050 and ask for Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection.


    Visit https://www.Hillside.com/services/hw-sc/ to learn more about the program.



    Student Testimonials

    “Ever since I joined Hillside in freshman year, I have gained a family. The Hillside team has done nothing but supported me and helped me throughout high school and outside of high school. I’m extremely grateful being a part of Hillside, they have helped me with college, homework, and just life advice. I will miss them when I graduate.”



    “Hillside is a beneficial program. The advocates make it so that I don't mind coming and working. Mrs. Toeper and Mrs. Maltman constantly acknowledge my presence and encourage my interests. They are very involved. There is nothing but love and support in Hillside. I do not look forward to our departure. I'm glad to be in the Hillside community, and in their hands!”



    “I love Hillside because I feel like I can really count on my advocates to help me stay on track and get my work done. Anytime I’m having trouble with school work they always come to the rescue and make sure I am understanding the curriculum. Not only do they help me academically, but I know I have a safe space with them to talk about anything personal. Hillside has definitely played a large role in shaping me into the person I am today!”



    “I appreciate being able to be a part of Hillside because it’s helped me in so many ways. Hillside has helped me get a job and succeed more academically. Also, Hillside has allowed me to see plays about other cultures and music that I really enjoyed and it’s a great opportunity all around.”