Hillside Scholarship Work Connection

  • Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection at Gates Chili

    Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection (HW-SC) is pleased to announce that the nonprofit has expanded to the Gates Chili School District and will enroll 30 high school freshmen in the 2015-16 school year. The innovative collaboration with the school district will address some of the most important issues facing Gates Chili students, with the goal of dramatically improving graduation rates for youth who are at risk of dropping out.

    HW-SC is a 28-year-old nationally recognized youth-development program that helps at-risk students stay in school, achieve academic success, and graduate from high school with the skills and confidence they need to be successful at home, at college and at the workplace. The program provides academic support, part-time employment experience and long-term mentoring from youth advocates who are the cornerstone of HW-SC’s successful model. Operating out of 44 schools and serving more than 4,000 youth at risk of dropping out, the established program has already led to significant success in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and Prince George’s County, Maryland.

    • 84% of HW-SC’s high school senior class of 2014 graduated on time, achieving their first major milestone toward a lifetime of success.

    • 94% of HW-SC’s youth engaged in year-round, part-time employment graduate on time and earn an average of $5,655 per year via part-time work.

    • HW-SC youth who are employed are immediate contributors to their community, bringing income to their families and neighborhoods, increasing their current and future earning power, and ultimately achieving financial independence.

    “The Gates Chili Central School District and the Board of Education continue to look at innovative ways to ensure that all students are successfully prepared for college and career readiness," said Superintendent Kimberle Ward.  “Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection provides a sense of hope for our at-risk students and their families. It is our commitment to relentlessly search for better ways to reach every student academically, socially, and globally. The investment in programs like this will open doors for our students with the potential to meet limitless expectations for the future. Thank you Hillside for your commitment to youth development in order to sustain healthy and viable communities.”

    “We look forward to partnering with the Gates Chili School District,” said Roderick Green, Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection executive director of strategic growth and expansion. “Our evidence-based program relies on community collaboration — we partner with school districts, local businesses and other community partners to tackle some of the most difficult challenges that students face outside the classroom, working to ensure they come to school ready to learn. We are excited to expand our program to the Gates Chili School District this school year and look forward to seeing measurable results.”

    How Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Works

    Students enrolled must meet at least two of six risk factors that increase the probability of dropping out of school, including low socioeconomic status, failing grades in core subjects, multiple school suspensions, low standardized test scores, over age for grade level and high absenteeism.

    HW-SC will assist those students in academic success by connecting them with a full-time school-based youth advocate, employment training, on-the-job mentoring, college preparation support, tutoring services and classroom engagement to support graduation. A key to HW-SC’s innovative program is students’ eligibility for part-time employment at local businesses based on their school commitment and success. Students who demonstrate a positive attitude, good attendance and good grades in core subjects are eligible for HW-SC’s Youth Employment Training Academy (YETA), a rigorous 25-hour program that gives students the workforce readiness skills to succeed in entry-level employment. Once YETA has been completed, students can apply for part-time jobs with HW-SC employer partners, such as Wegmans, University of Rochester, Unity Hospital and EarthLink.

    HW-SC is an affiliate of Hillside Family of Agencies, which provides comprehensive health, education and human services for children, youth and families whose challenges threaten their ability to realize their full potential.

    About Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection

    Having celebrated its 28th anniversary in 2015, Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection is an affiliate of Hillside Family of Agencies. The program is located in 44 schools serving over 4,000 youth at risk of failing to graduate from high school in Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo, NY, and in Prince George’s County, MD. Hillside Work- Scholarship Connection’s evidence-based model is comprehensive and unique, combining long-term mentoring with job training, part-time work experience and year- round academic support. In 2013, Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection was named to the Social Impact Exchange S&I 100, an index of top performing U.S. nonprofits that are poised for growth. For more information, please visit www.hillside.com.