Interscholastic Athletic Program Philosophy

  • Interscholastic Athletic Program Philosophy





    The Varsity level of athletic competitions is the culmination of each sport’s program.  At the varsity level of competition, team play, sportsmanship, individual physical ability, motivation, and mental attitude are very important.  The goal at the varsity level is to prepare to win, however, athletes should also accept the fact that lessons are learned from losing as well.  A continued emphasis on the Spartan Way (respect, responsibility, compassion, and hard work), along with academics, sportsmanship, and community service is to be expected at this level.  It is to be understood that dedication and commitment is needed to participate on a varsity team.


    Junior Varsity


    The Junior Varsity level of athletic competition places an increased emphasis upon team play, physical conditioning and refinement of basic sport skills.  The goal of this level of competition is to prepare student-athletes for the varsity level.  Student-athletes should be taught how to cope with game situations and how to win and lose properly.  An attempt should be made to play all participants, however equal play is not necessary in each game.


    Modified A/Freshman


    The Modified A/Freshman level of athletic competition stresses basic skill development, with an increased importance in team and game strategy.  The Freshman level is considered a high school level program and therefore, Grade 9 student-athletes and those approved through the selection classification program only, are eligible.  The Modified A level is for Grades 7, 8, and 9 with Grade 7 and Grade 8 student-athletes needing an invitation from the Varsity coach to participate.  Every participant who is eligible will play in each game, but playing time may not be equal.


    Modified B- Grades 7 and 8


    The Modified B level of athletic competition focuses on the fundamentals of the game and team play.  At this level, student-athletes should learn basic skills, rules, and obtain an introduction to the goals of the sport program.  Academics, sportsmanship, and social growth along with commitment and dedication are key elements student-athletes will focus on at this level.  A smaller emphasis is placed on winning and maximum participation is desired.