Doctor Excuse Notes for PE Class

  • *****Physical Education is a REQUIRED class to earn a High School Regents diploma in New York State. Any excuses from P.E. MUST be written by a physician. We can NOT accept parent notes writing students out of gym class at the high school level.****


    If excused from physical activity, the student is still responsible for earning credit for P.E. class. Please contact the student's P.E. teacher or the athletic department regarding grading and academic concerns.

    -Student is injured/ill and receives a doctor note writing them out of PE, or requesting modified PE
    -The note can be brought in by student, parent, emailed, or faxed 
    - Restriction is noted in student health file, and PE teacher is notified that day
    - When student receives an updated PE note, please turn in to the health office.

    ** We will call for updates monthly, if we have not received any update**

    Clerances to return to PE:
    - Non school athletes: may return once doctor note is received by health office

    - School athletes: once doctor note is received, they must then be cleared by the district medical director or athletic trainer, in order to return to gym class AND sports. The health office will coordinate this.


    * Concussion clearances require a 5 day Return-to-Play Protocol.

    * Any injury/illness restrictions that require academic modifications will be shared with the student's counselor

    *ALL PE RESTRICTIONS ARE CLEARED AT THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. A new doctor note is required to continue PE restrictions at the start of the school year in September