My Home Page

    Hello, my name is Ms. Paula LaManna and I:
    • work with volunteers across the District;
    • encourage community involvement;
    • coordinate Service Learning resources and experiences for High School students;
    • am the Staff Advisor for Relay for Life of Gates Chili High School.



      The Gates Chili Central School District vision for Service Learning is that all students experience Service Learning at least twice throughout their high school years. All seniors take the course Dynamics of Citizenship (also known as "DOC") and complete at least one Service Learning Project. Students will also experience Service Learning in the state mandated Health Class, usually taken in 10th grade. The students may experience Service Learning in other classes but there will be a guarantee of two Service Learning experiences before graduation.
    **Currently Service Learning requirements are suspended due to COVID 19.**
    Resources for finding Service Learning experiences -click here.
    One opportunity for Service Learning which is open to all High School students is our Relay for Life of Gates Chili.
     Currently the Relay for Life committee activities are suspended due to COVID 19. 
    An opportunity for students as peer volunteers is available through the TIES program- click here.