• Gates Chili Middle School Parent-Teacher Organization (GCMS-PTO) 


    WELCOME ABOARD 2019-2020 GCMS-PTO Officers:

    President: Mark DeGray
    Vice President: Tracy Dalykas
    Treasurer: Paula Arthmann 
    Secretary: Bryan Arthmann 
    Fundraising Coordinator: 


    If YOU are interested in joining the 2019-2020 GCMS-PTO team, we need help with GC Apparel sales and Box Tops for Education.

    Please contact us GCMSPTO@gmail.com 


  • What we do:

    • Organize school-wide fundraisers throughout the year to assist students in earning funds to pay for their 8th Grade field trip, as well as GCMS-PTO operating costs.
    • Sell concessions at school socials.
    • Support student clubs throughout the year; food drives, volunteering, etc.
    • Collect, clip, count and submit Box Tops for Education and arrange a classroom/student contest.
    • Organize an annual teacher appreciation celebration on behalf of all GCMS students, parents and guardians.
    • Coordinate a summer scholarship program for student enrichment.
    • Assist school administrators at "open house" events.
    • Process funds requests from faculty and staff (maintain banking and secure finance records)
    • Provide all new students a Gates Chili Spartan / Upstander t-shirt.
    • Coordinate Gates Chili Spartan apparel sales for GCMS students, parents/guardians, faculty/staff.
    • AND more...


    GCMS-PTO Meetings:

    All parents, guardians, grandparents, and GCMS faculty and staff are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings in the MS Library at 7:00 pm.  School administrators attend and deliver school and district updates, funds requests are presented and voted on, volunteer opportunities discussed, events planned, etc.  Your input really would be valued.