Communication with Families

  • The teachers at Gates Chili Middle School recognize the tremendous responsibility given to us to educate and care for your students during the instructional day.  Nothing is more important than maintaining their safety and nurturing their development through the experiences we provide.  To that end, we view ourselves in partnership with you to enable students to achieve the greatest possible success in school.

    Communication will be key to our effort; we realize that it is vital you have clear information about the progress of your student, and as well, we will have the need to learn about the interests, attitudes,  strengths and opportunities for improvement that you perceive your student to have.  Please be aware that we will be updating your student’s school progress record frequently and we encourage you to take advantage of our Parent Portal for ease of checking on progress from home.    In addition, you will receive formal progress reports every  five  weeks.   The use of e-mail and phone conversations between teacher and parents/guardians is also strongly encouraged, and you are invited to conference by appointment with your student’s teachers. The Middle School does not have a formal Conference Day like the elementary buildings.

    Every student in the Middle School is assigned to a counselor who is an invaluable contact relative to answering any questions or concerns you may have.  In addition, because of our team and community configuration, clusters of teachers and a specific community principal have been assigned to support your student.  Your student’s class schedule identifies the teachers, counselor, and administrator who will be key contacts for you.  Furthermore, as the school’s principal, I am available to help you address needs that may present themselves (Dr. Buckshaw @ 247.5050, ext. 31310).


    Consider some of the following for staying in contact:

    1. Check out the middle school website accessed through the district’s website:

    2. Families that have an active e-mail address in School tool will receive a GCMS daily electronic newsletter titled, Spartan Happenings  This newsletter contains relevant information for MS students and families regarding activities and events.

    3. The Parent Portal allows you access to your student’s grades, schedule, discipline history, class assignments, etc. At the start of the school year, the primary contact listed in SchoolTool will receive an e-mail with a temporary password to access their student's account. The password will need to be changed after the first login.

    4. Access your student's Schoology courses to view the course syllabus and daily/weekly classwork and activities.

    5. Sign up for a parent/teacher/student conference through your grade level team. Unlike elementary school, these are not automatic.

    6. Access department web-pages for curricular information.

    7. Follow us on Twitter!( @GatesChiliMS

    8. Follow us on Facebook - Gates Chili Middle School.  Like our page at
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