Congratulations to our Students of the Month!



    Chris Amesbury Amerk 6th Grade

    Chris- Amerk 6th Grade



    Rhys Clancy Amerk 7th Grade

    Rhys- Amerk 7th Grade



    Caleb Thompson Amerk 8th Grade

    Caleb- Amerk 8th Grade



    Ava Bosnakovski Red Wings 6th Grade

    Ava- Red Wings 6th Grade



    Angel Subba Red Wings 7th Grade

    Angel- Red Wings 7th Grade



    Leah Montuilli Red Wings 8th Grade

    Leah- Red Wings 8th Grade



    Cody Kosel Rhino 6th Grade

    Cody- Rhino 6th Grade



    Eric Korn Rhino 6th Grade

    Eric- Rhino 6th Grade



    Caleb Wall Rhino 7th Grade

    Caleb- Rhino 7th Grade 



    Bryan Ruiz Rhino 8th Grade

    Bryan- Rhino 8th Grade



    Benett Marconi LOTE 7th Grade

    Benett- LOTE 7th Grade



    Jonathan Vance LOTE 8th Grade

    Jonathan- LOTE 8th Grade



    Evelyn Henderberg Music

    Evelyn- Music



    Jaylen Givens P.E.

     Jaylen- Physical Education



    Melice Gaye Health

       Melice- Health



    Michael Alley III- FACS

     Michael- FACS



    Michalena Aiosa- Technology

      Michelena- Technology



    Tyla Jackson- Art

     Tyla- Art