• Are you a GCMS teacher or staff member requesting GCMS-PTO financial support? 

    You are in the right place!


    Please complete the form (link attached below) and place it in the GCMS-PTO mailbox prior to you attending and presenting this request at the next scheduled GCMS-PTO General Session meeting. 


    Request for Funds Form

    Special Notes:

    • All funds requests are reviewed and voted on at a GCMS-PTO General Session.
      • After the last General Session meeting of the year in May, funds requests should be emailed to GCMSPTO@gmail.com

    • Your request needs to be submitted at least one month in advance of due date.

    • Reimbursement requests (made after purchase) are subject to vote at GCMS-PTO General Session meetings.

    • GCMS-PTO requires invoices and/or receipts for all requests.



    If you have any questions, please contact us at GCMSPTO@gmail.com.