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  • Gates Chili Middle School ART- 2016~2017

    Welcome to the Art Room!


    Gates Chili Middle School students take art during 6th and 8th grade.  All students should have access to the arts and learn to express themselves in healthy, creative ways.  Art helps motivate students as well as increase their learning and understanding of all subject areas.  The majority of students are visual learners. Many, if not most learners, need visual stimuli and a connection to their own lives to make a concept "stick."

    This year, middle school students will have many opportunities to learn about and make art as they fulfill the NYS learning standards in the Arts.

    The Four NYS Learning Standards in the Arts are:

        1) Creating, participating, and performing in the Arts.

        2) Knowing and using arts materials and cultural resource

       3) Responding to and analyzing works of art.

        4) Understanding the cultural dimensions of the arts.

    Follow the links to the left to view art, find out what is going on in the art room and read about some great art resources.