Middle School Music Department

  • Inspired by our District Mission, "Together we teach and inspire excellence for all learners," we:

    • Collaborate across disciplines and levels to educate the whole child,
    • Practice research-informed, student-centered education to offer the highest-quality instruction, 
    • Inspire life-long creativity and self-expression through music,
    • Commit ourselves to providing the finest musical experiences at all levels, and
    • Work hard to ensure every student has access to music education regardless of ability.



  • The goal of the middle school music program is to provide students with a broad foundation of musical knowledge, coupled with a high level of academic performance skills. The curriculum builds sequentially on the elementary music program and provides the foundation for lifelong participation in and enjoyment of music. The music course offerings are designed to fulfill the needs of all students, with specialized opportunities for students who demonstrate interest in singing and/or instrument playing. Instructional activities are directed toward achieving the National Standards for the Arts. 


    NYS Arts Standards


    General Music

    6th Grade: This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of music concepts such as rhythm, melody, harmony, tone color, form and expression. Students are involved in a variety of activities which include: playing instruments, listening and responding, composition, and singing.


    8th Grade: This course is divided between two units of study: Musical Theater and Piano Keyboard. Students will discover and experience the history of musical theater from the European Opera to the American Broadway Musical. Students will also apply learned musical concepts to performance through instruction on the electronic piano keyboard.



    Performing Opportunities

    Band and Chorus classes are offered during the school day for all interested 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. The performing ensembles explore a wide variety of musical styles and composers through performance and practice. Students will have several performance opportunities throughout the year in various district and community events.


    Band: All students enrolled in band are required to attend instrumental music lessons during the school day. Students enrolled in band may have the opportunity to perform in co-curricular small ensembles and may also participate in county and state solo and large ensemble festivals. 


    Chorus:  Students who wish to sing in a large group and study vocal technique are encouraged to participate in Chorus. Students will continue to develop music literacy skills including sight singing and ear training. Choral literature will expand from two to three/four part harmony. Students enrolled in chorus may also have the opportunity to perform in co-curricular small ensembles and may participate in county and state solo and large ensemble festivals.