Mrs. Paiement's & Mrs. Spoto's Humanities Class

  • last updated September 2015 
    Image Welcome to Gates-Chili Middle School and Grade 7 & 8 Rhinos Community Humanities Class!!"


    We have created this page to act as a resource for both students and parents. This site will allow you to stay current on what is happening in seventh and eighth grade Humanities (English & Social Studies). We will add to this page as often as we can. We are into year two of a new style of teaching and are busy creating great stuff for our students!
    Please remember this is a work in progress and any suggestions or comments would be welcomed! This will be a very busy school year for our students. A full curriculum and state assessments will make for a busy year. Organization is the key to success and we will  encourage everyone to be the best they can be.

    ******Important Detail**********We use the calendar in this web cite to communicate almost all the assignments in class, both short & long range. In addition, we have under resources a list of our grade 7/8 vocabulary for our bucks book