Gates Chili Middle School

  • The continual development of students’ character is one of our highest priorities at Gates Chili Middle School.  In order to be successful in school and in life, students must not only have the academic skills to meet the demands of the 21st century, they must also have the social skills and moral fabric to contribute to the advancement of our society.   The values of the Spartan Way outline the behaviors and attitudes which this community embraces as positive ways of life.  At Gates Chili Middle School, we teach and model the Spartan Way on a daily basis.  Our Code of Conduct and Character establishes the standards of behavior for both the students and staff that make up our school community.  

    We have developed a Behavior Matrix that provides examples of how to demonstrate the Spartan Way in a classroom, hallway, cafeteria, bathroom, on a bus, and at a field trip/assembly.

    Respect, responsibility, compassion, and hard work comprise our core values.