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    Our TEAM webpage is a place to check in and see the exciting and innovative things we are doing on our team, gather resources needed, and view our work!

    Noteworthy NEWS...

    Our 6th Grade Rhinos Current Theme is:




    Independent Reading Project:

    Book Jacket Project

    Choosing your "just right" book?

    Click this link to find your book's LEXILE

    Guided Reading Texts:


    Independent Reading: 

    STAR Reader Bookmark DUE May 21

    Spelling at a Glance:

    SPELLING Test:  May 21

    SPELLING WORDS: Short Vowel Sounds

    LIST A: mathematics, establish, withstand, significant, suspense, athletic, recommend, unselfish, accent, dismiss

    LIST B: accent, snapshot, rapid, dismiss, mathematics, suspense, messenger, possible, penniless, recommend

    LIST C: velocity, optimum, discipline, recommend, necessity, mathematics, significant, withstand, establish, athletic

    NOTE:  Our Spelling Routine and several activities can be found by choosing the SUBJECT SPECIFIC link, then choosing READING and then SPELLING.

    Book Order Information:

    May Book Orders will be sent home through homeroom teachers soon!  

     E L A with Mrs. Beh 

    We have started a unit on MYTHOLOGY that will last until the end of the school year.  Students are reading the extended text, The Lightning Thief, closely and working to analyze each section of the text.  

    This unit has a heavy focus on group work, specifically TRIADS, where students work in groups of three. 




     Science with Ms. Kanaley

    We are working on the use of microscopes and look forward to seeing live specimens under close examination.  We will soon start ecology.

     Social Studies with Mr. LeClair

    ANCIENT EGYPT TEST Friday, April 12th!  Study! 

      Math with Mrs. Meyer

    We are currently working on our GEOMETRY Unit. In this unit, we are learning how to determine the area of various polygons, how to find the volume of a rectangular prism, and how to find surface area using nets. We are also reviewing the process of plotting points on a coordinate plane.

    Anticipated GEOMETRY Unit Test Date: May 8-9

    Students put forth great effort on the NYS Common Core Math Assessment! I was proud to see 

    students applying various problem solving strategies that we have practiced throughout the year on the test. I am PROUD of our sixth grade Rhinos!



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