Preparing for 9th Grade

  • January 2024



    Dear GCMS 8th grade Class of 2028 & Families:


    It is that time of year when we start to think about your transition to high school and courses for 9th grade! The counselors will be meeting with the 8th graders the week of January 16th in science classes for the 9th grade course selection process. The presentation will be posted to the GCMS School Counseling Schoology page (access code: 37QF-VDBD-J2HTT) for student and parent to review. Please make sure you join this page, so you have access to this important information!

    Review the 9th grade course selection options for the 2024-2025 school year attached to this email. The courses listed on the elective choice sheet are the ONLY electives offered to 9th graders for the 2024-2025 school year. Electives are broken down into departments alphabetically in the Program of Studies. It is best to have an idea of what courses and departments you may be interested in learning about prior to the presentation. Please be sure to look this over and come prepared with an idea of what you may be interested in!

    The program of studies lists all courses available at the high school and can be found on our Schoology page or by clicking the link here: 2024-2025 Program of Studies Course Selections

    You will be making selections for your elective classes by completing this clickable form in your science class during the presentation. DO NOT complete the form prior to your classroom presentation. The deadline to complete the course selection form is January 21st, 2024. You will only be able to submit this form once so please take time to consider your electives.

    Your counselor will be meeting with you individually the week of January 22nd to the 26th out of Technology classes if you have any questions regarding the selections you’ve made. Changes can be made at that time.



    GCMS School Counselors 

  • 9th Grade Course Selection Checklist

    • Please make sure you are enrolled in the GCMS School Counseling page (Access Code:37QF-VDBD-J2HTT)
    • Review the list of 9th grade elective choices and review the Program of Studies Course Selections handbook for descriptions.
    • Think about what courses you are interested in taking and discuss with your guardians/parents
    • Attend the 8 go 9 Course Selection presentation the week of January 16th during science classes
    • You must Complete the Course Selection Form (remember you can only submit this only ONE TIME) Due by: January 21st 2024)
    • Talk to your teachers if you would like to know what core classes you have been recommended for 9th grade
    • Be prepared to meet with your counselor individually to discuss any questions you may have. They will be pulling students from Technology Classes the week of January 22nd.

  • 9th GRADE ELECTIVE CHOICES 2024-2025

    Course descriptions can be found in the course handbook


    1. Students will pick one Art/Music Elective and one alternative from the bolded choices below.
    2. Students will use the remaining courses to select 4 additional elective options in order of preference. Please note: Students not continuing in LOTE will take Career Exploration and Financial Management (required for graduation) plus 3 additional elective classes.


    + = Dual Credit Class

    Art Department

       Studio Art + (1 Full Credit)

       Computer Graphics and Animation +

       Digital Photography


    Business Department

       Business Cinema +                                   

       Microsoft Applications +                                       

       Career Exploration and Financial Literacy +

       Sports and Entertainment



    Family and Consumer Science Department

       Foods I

       Foods II

       Creative Design for Home and Fashion (1 full credit)


    Music Department

       Band 9-10 (1 full credit)

       Mixed Chorus (1 full credit)

       Band/Chorus 9-10 (1 full credit)

       Piano I and Piano II (These are two classes but you must take them both!)


    Technology Department

       Design and Drawing for Production + (1 full credit)                                                                      

       Construction Systems                                                          

       Electricity/Electronics +

       Transportation Systems

       Manufacturing Systems