• The Career Internship Program provides students with a realistic view of career opportunities through involvement in actual work settings and will assist students in making informed decisions regarding their post-high school planning. Students may intern for a minimum of 54 hours in a career related to one of the five pathways:

    • Health, Human , & Public Services
    • Medical, Science, & Technology
    • Business & Information
    • Arts, Communication, & Media
    • Liberal Arts



    • To help students clarify their career goals and attitudes toward career planning through practical hands-on work experience

    • To increase students’ understanding of the knowledge and skills required to succeed in a given career

    • To help students observe, develop, and apply positive work habits

    • To provide students with a greater awareness of career options, academic requirements, and the resources available in the community

    • To establish positive relationships between the internship site, the school and the community


    1. The student will comply with the rules set up by the school, employer, and coordinator.

    2. The student will notify the employer and coordinator if it is necessary to be absent from school/work.

    3. The student will be in regular attendance in school and at work.  No School, No Work.

    4. Should the student be dissatisfied with the internship placement, he or she agrees to complete a minimum of 10 hours and will meet with the coordinator to discuss further options. 

    5. The student will participate in the end-of-year employer appreciation activity.

    6. Student must successfully complete the Career and Financial Management Course or Advanced Finance Course, as well as the required weekly seminar, weekly logs and culminating project

    How to Apply 

    Students interested in the Career Exploration Internship Program should complete an application, speak with their counselor, and then consult the Internship Coordinator Mr. Lanning at any time during the school year. The Internship Coordinator interviews each applicant to discuss career interest, work, or athletic time commitments, academic standing, and transportation needs.


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