• Be an Upstander!




    Upstanders are students or student groups that choose to take a positive stand on behalf of themselves and others. They are heroes and are responsible examples to others.


    • stand up for their beliefs, while respecting others
    • do what they think is right, even if they stand alone
    • are not simply bystanders; they act to interrupt bully behavior and/or support the target of bullying
    • pay attention if something that is happening is wrong, and do something to make things right
    • show compassion toward others

    We are proud of this movement and take steps to recognize Upstanders. We hope to see your child as a GCMS Upstander!



    Upstander Mondays

    Once a month (see online District calendar) time is set aside to focus as a whole-school, on promoting Upstander behaviors. We encourage students to be "their best selves" so they can interact and support each other with the Spartan Way in mind.  Also, this will be the day to wear your Upstander or MS Spartan T-shirts.