Parent Portal

  • A Peek Into Parent Portal

    What is Parent Portal?

    Parent Portal offers parents/guardians online access to their son or daughter's grades through SchoolTool software. This allows students and their families to see the homework, classwork, quiz, test and project grades earned throughout the school year. Many parents have already signed up to have access to the Parent Portal here at GCMS...have you?

    How often is it updated?

    The eighth grade teachers in the Red Wings Community work to update grades on the computer about once a week. Check back often to view your child's progress!

    Helpful Hints

    • Grades are updated weekly.
    • To see help parents determine the type of assignment, teachers use codes like HW (homework) and CW (classwork) to help you differentiate assignment categories.
    • The date noted is the date the assignment was due.
    • If a grade is blank, it means that a grade has not yet been entered for that assignment.
    • If a student has earned a zero on an assignment, that will be indicated with a "0".