National Junior Honor Society

  • Gates Chili Middle School National Junior Honor Society

    Candidate Requirements for Selection


    Academics:   Membership in this prestigious organization is both an honor and a commitment.   Eligibility is determined by your cumulative grade point average which must meet or exceed our chapter’s standard which has been set at 93.0.   This cannot be a rounded average.


    Standards:   In addition to the Scholarship standard, NJHS is also based on standards of Leadership, Service, Citizenship, and Character.  To be selected as a member of this NJHS, you must demonstrate on your candidate form and through evaluations submitted by the faculty that you have met or exceeded these additional standards. 


    -        Service, Leadership, and Citizenship will be evaluated by the Faculty Council after careful review of your involvement in activities and organizations during your time at the Middle School.  A minimum involvement of two organizations/service activities for each year at the Middle School is needed for full consideration.


    -        Character will be based on teacher recommendations as well as the community recommendation that is submitted.  All teachers on a student’s list need to make a positive recommendation for full consideration.


    Student essay:  The final criteria that will be used to determine a member’s selection will be the essay written by the student. It should share experiences that they believe exemplifies the standards of NJHS.  This essay should be written neatly and with great thoughtfulness.   It is another means of highlighting your academic ability.


    **Instructions need to be followed on the required paperwork and deadlines must be met.  Incomplete or late work cannot be accepted.  The Faculty Council reviews all of the materials submitted by the student and carefully determines if the student meets the exceptional standards of this national organization.  If you have any questions, please email the advisor, Mr. James Chase at