Classroom jobs

  • In order to create the "right conditions for learning" each student is required to perform a classroom job during one of the marking periods this year. 

    The purpose of these jobs is to help foster responsibility, extend their learning and create a variety of opportunities as well as a positive classroom climate. 

    Students are given a class participation grade at the end of the quarter  they complete their classroom job.  If they complete the job in a highly responsible manner extra  credit of 3 points is added directly onto the quarter grade that the job is completed.  Extra credit points are determined by myself and awarded at the end of the quarter.

    The following is a list of most of the classroom jobs that are assigned. The number in ( ) tells the maximum number of students that can hold that job in one class per marking period.  Click onto the file below to get the full details of that particular job and what your responsibilities will be. 


    Classroom attendance monitor (2)      Classroom custodial engineeer (2)
    Classroom botanists (2)                 Classroom artist (2)
    Classroom marine biologists (2)         Classroom  lab technician (2)
    Classroom reptile specialist (2)         Bulletin board designer (2)
    Word wall manager (2)                  Library resource specialist (4)
    Current news reporter (4)



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